Top Foliar

Top foliar organic fertilizer


  • ¬†organic matter 100g/l
  • Seaweed acid
  • NPK 120g/l
  • Amino acids 20g/l
  • Trace elements 5g/l


  • Promote chlorophyll synthesis enhancing photosynthesis
  • Promote cell division
  • Increase enzymatic activities hence balanced growth of plants
  • Enhance frost resistance in crops


25 ml to 20L of water.

Spray on the leaves 3-4 times at an interval of 7-14 days 

Compatible with Fungicides or Pesticides

Apply 3-4 times at an interval of 14 days

Bottle sizes

We have 250ml (10 pumps – 1 acre)
500 ml ( 2 acre in a single application)
1 liter (4 acres in a single application)


All crops