Mazao Bora

Mazao Bora granular Organic fertilizer

It’s a granular organic fertilizer In the form of boluses
Balances soil fertility
Increases nutrients utilization
Enhances crop immunity
Highly effective compound fertilizer

NPK 12:6:12 g/L : organic matter
20 % , seaweed extract : 10%

Step 1 ( land preparation)
– make sure your land is wet
-Use it for land preparation or planting ( take a handful with your hands and make small holes that you shall drop the boluses around where you shall be planting )
– it can also be broadcasted during ploughing

1 week before planting this should be done

Step 2 – ( Top dressing)
– ensure your land is wet
– take a handful with your hands and drench at the base of your crop

A month after planting or 4 weeks

Bag size
Top dressing – 50 kg
Land preparation- 100 kg


All crops