About Us

At Zelena we focus on sustainability and empowering farmers, partners and communities.

We are firmly anchored in food production ecosystem and provide solutions suitable for the various regions, crops and weather conditions.

Core Values

Our core offering is based on abundant mineral nutrition elements coupled with natural active substances that guarantees;

  • improved the quality of agricultural products and production
  • promote growth
  • Increase yield
  • enhanced plant cold and drought resistance
  • promote the absorption of nutrients, operation and application
  • reduce pests and disease

The main raw materials are selected from natural seaweed, and the special biological process is used to extract the essence of seaweed

Let’s begin the Zelena journey

Our solutions are designed to deliver and support the sustainable development goals specifically;

Close collaboration with farmers and communities to guarantee increased yield to cater for subsistence and commercial farming

Resistance to pest and disease resulting in successful crop harvest. Activates the immune system of the plant against extreme cold and heat, drought, saline & alkaline soil and biotic threads

Optimal plant nutrient development that translates to higher protection provided by the crop against nutrition related illnesses.

Plants tolerance ability against biotic ad/or abiotic stresses from adverse circumstances.

Increased income from the farming population from increased yields. Work with partners to route product to market

Adopted a community approach with shared experiences that shorten the learning curve for nascent farmers

Main ingredient is natural seaweed extract that increases plants tolerance ability against biotic and/or abiotic stresses from adverse circumstances.

We work with all the players in the food production value chain for mutual benefit and innovation through continued collaboration