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Certified Quality

Certified Quality: we partner with certified seed companies to ensure we recommend the best quality for our farmers as well as our certified products.


Organic ; We distribute and train usage of our high quality organic fertilizers to farmers across the region who opt to farm without use of synthetics

Environmentally friendly

Environmental friendly; our fertilizers ensure the well be of resources like water, air and soil in the longrun and our services on organic farming practices are aimed at reducing the use of chemicals that Compromise the well being of our Environment.

What Our Customers Say

“I started farming about 3 years ago and I was more interested in organic farming because of the health risks associated with in organic farming. I started my watermelon and tomato farming on a small garden where I could use chicken droppings as manure. I had a plan to expand on a 3 acre farm but I was afraid I would not be able to get enough manure for the farm. During the ASK show, I came across Zelena Grow and became so much interested to know more. I was trained on organic farming and the use of their products. I bought small quantities for trials and they performed really well, this prompted me to go for more and I was able to expand and do commercial farming without having to use synthetic inputs. I have used about 4 of their product which are Victory, Top Foliar, Boron Plus and Root promoter.”

Margaret Wambogo

The seedlings grew very fast and the fruits get big quickly!

Paul Mwangi

It has worked magic!

Lawrence Gakuru

Ever since I started using Zelena products, many farmers have been coming to my farm to ask what I use on my Tomatoes.

George Ng’ang’a

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